spring ritual salt

plants provide so much medicine in my life and when i infuse my plant medicine with my seasonal magic it feels really good.  this practice connects me to the essence of what makes me smile.  it is raw, innocent, vulnerable, messy and tear stained it fills my heart with gratitude to feel everything and trust myself.  

i have always loved potions and glass bottles.  i love to create magic that i can give to others.  in this vein i made some spring ritual salt the other day.  

originally i made this salt for a new moon bath earlier in the spring.  at the time i was feeling called to move my lymphatic system.  the first hints of warm weather were floating in the wind and i found a bunch of dried lemon verbena that smelled exactly like i wanted my body to feel;  alive and invigorated.  so i mixed that lemon verbena with nettles, rosemary, raspberry leaf and catnip.  because i was gonna soak in these herbs i added some grey sea salt i keep and this spring blend was born.  

i have played around with my ratio and blend, and just finished blessing the final batch!

which is why i am writing this.  i am gonna offer this on my website.  the first ever store item for because love.  there are a few other goodies in there, that i have been creating quietly.  i hope you find something that peaks your curiosity or inspires a connection.  

as always i would love to hear what you think.  please reach out my dear, i am always close.