Where does the time go?

September is breathing down our necks.  The long light is waning and there is a chill in the evening air that has me excited about sweatshirts and scarves.  There is an energetic shift happening, the lackadaisical rhythm of summer is becoming more structured turning into the assumed productivity of school in session and less and less time taken for lounging in the ripeness of summer heat.  

My September is an exciting nightmare.  My partner and I are closing on a new house in a few weeks, and we will be juggling moving half way across the country which involves lots of moving (pun unintended) parts.  I am fucking thrilled to be getting back to the east coast, to be closer to dear friends and to have a yard!  In a way I am begging time to pass quickly so that the papers can be signed and we will have the keys in hand.  

On the other hand I have been advocating for ( parenthetical space ) in our schedule.  We both have the tendency to pile up our calendars with meetings and dates and trips and ball games. After all we live in a culture where time is money.  When we add in the myriad appointments needed to close on a house and book a moving truck all of the sudden the calendar doesn't have a blank day.  We all know how that feels.   Exhaustion sets in.  Patience wanes and we find ourselves hitting snooze and drinking too much caffeine.  So I have made a point of building in time with nothing scheduled.  Some people call this "white space".  I have never been a fan of that term and now after light being shone on the insipid white privilege and supremacy in our culture I am even less of a fan. I have been marking the days I am leaving open with parenthesis.  ( Parenthetical space ) seems to allow space without any expectation attached.   

This ( parenthetical space ) is a way to reclaim time for my relationship, for sitting with a good book and a cup of tea.  It is time to go for a walk, or listen to a good album.  It is time to repot an house plant or lay in bed a bit longer with the one I love.  It is a way to hold onto the lackadaisical rhythm of summer.  

I encourage you to look at where your time goes.  How do you fill up your calendar?  Where can you create ( parenthetical space ) in your life?