What are you reading?

I have recently been dreaming of facilitating some workshops and a friend asked me where would I have my workshops? my first answer was the library.  Then the other day I read an article about the role that some libraries are taking in organizing as local news outlets and resources.  I have also been thinking about the library in terms of my thoughts around trash and consumption.  I have a pretty severe book collection and in hopes to be buying less this year I find myself making a list of books to take out of the library.  Then I was on a call with @marleegrace and she made a joke about libraries being the original co-working space with has kept me laughing for a week.  Many people seem to have forgotten about the library as community space.  So the library as a community space.  

Awhile back I wrote a little blog post about wanting to read books with other women.  It turned into a google sheet of great books to read.  All of which I will get out of the library.  But I do want to read books with people in person.  Or at least have conversations with people about books they are reading, have read or want to read.

So my ask to you is, what are you reading?