Traveling and holding onto my center

I have been traveling away from my everyday home for long time. I have been separated from my partner for two months.  I still have three weeks of very exciting travel ahead of me.  I have been blessed to swim in the most enchanted Vermont swimming holes, attend my childhood friends first book launch, catch minnows in a brook with my nieces, and read in a hammock all afternoon.

 This list of summer fun is brimming with love and gratitude, but the hard part, is holding onto my self, my relationship and my motivation to keep my business moving forward.  I have struggled to make space and hold time for the writing that I need to create marketing materials.  I have missed every face time call from my girlfriend, who is working in a time zone 8 hours from my own.  I have bought ingredients for recipe development and left them in the back of the fridge till the last possible moment before they really belong on the compost pile.  I have let the start times of webinars slip past me, only to click on the replay link the following day, or week.  All of this has left me frustrated.  

Yet I have been able to ground myself with a deep breath and and a stern look at myself in the mirror.  I have be able to put one foot in front of another and #dothework.  It feels so great to be in the middle of frustration, to be behind, to get totally railroaded by a day that just doesn't let you take control at all and still be able to eek out the time and space to write a blog post, or make a new summer veggie stir-fry.  I can do whatever I can put my mind to.   My emotions don't own me anymore.  Perhaps I own them.  I have done enough work within that I am really benefitting from it and that feels fucking fantastic.  

So as I venture through this last domestic weekend, drenched in my family and the spirit of my home, before I embark on my first trip south of the equator, I plan to continue owning my emotions, maintaining my boundaries, understanding what I need to keep me sane, motivated, functioning, creating, and present.  Wish me luck.