Behind the screen...

I have been a bit absent recently.  I have not been showing up on social media or posting much on this blog.  But behind all the screens life has been zooming at an incredibly exciting pace.  

I am working on some big projects for Walker Whole Health and I will be inviting you all to join soon.  In my non-work life things are crazy too.  We have put our house on the market and are in the process of buying a house on the east coast.  Wish us luck!

So with that being said, I will be intermittently showing up here to post about how you can participate in my next project, think conversations, and keeping you updated about putting stuff in boxes and real estate showings etc etc etc.  

In the mean time, enjoy the end of summer: her heat, her eclipses, her bounty and her lazy cicadas buzzing in your ear.  Get outside, be gentle with yourself and look up at the sky.

Much Love,