plant medicine as mirror fundamentals.

when all else fails, reach for the soil. tend to my roots.

for me this means putting my hands in dirt. i repot house plants, i tend to the garden, i soak seeds, i read garden magazines and plot new flower beds. i go to the plants.

i know i need to go to the plants when all the other things i think i know don’t work.

and when i listen to the plants, quite literally sometimes if i just watch where they are in their life cycles i can usually find where i am in mine.

when i let myself be with the plants, the plant that speaks to me often has the medicine i need. for instance, i;m feeling all out of sorts lately. my mother bought me a gardenia a few weeks ago. when i came home from vacation with my brother and his family the gardenia was looking a little faded around the edges. i was feeling faded around the egdes, disney vacation is not my idea of restorative activity. the gardenia caught my attention and asked for daily hydration. the gardenia demanded its circumstances/requiremtns be met. and so i had to listen, or lose the gardenia. as i had to tend to my own needs, hydration and rest, or lose my health.

the plants mirror our reality. they are the medicine.

Sabbatical Announcement.

I am writing a quick note to tell you that I am taking a bit of a sabbatical from this space.  I have been working behind the scenes to align my work with how I best work.  Meaning that I am starting to focus more energy on in person workshops and group coaching opportunities.  The online creative entrepreneur sphere is a hard space for me to work within because I am so susceptible to comparison spirals, imposter syndrome and 2nd guessing myself into paralysis.  I work hard to honor my intuition in my business and I have found that I trust myself more when I am working 1:1 with folks.  I am more dynamic in person, I love myself more, and I feel as though the work is more aligned with my highest and best self, therefore making me a more pure conduit of service for the collective.  

That being said, I am not planning to go anywhere, I am not closing up shop, I am just shifting focus and that takes lots of writing, planning and creating.  My favorite stuff, other than smashing the patriarchy by teaching self-love.  

So while I may not be posting here for the next month or so know that I am fiercely writing my way into something really big for Walker Whole Health and I can’t wait to share it all with you.  


See you in April!

Letting go of my to do list.


I cant even believe that I am writing that sentence.  I have loved my to do list since before I even wrote one.  You see I grew up on to do lists.  My mother is the queen of the list.  She would write lists of chores for my brother and I, grocery lists, packing lists, project lists.  They were always in pencil and most often written on the backs of copy paper recycled from her office.  

My to do lists have evolved over the years.  Now my grocery list is often on the back of an old piece of mail, and my list of movies to watch is in my phone.  There are hundreds of ways to organize our minds and thoughts.  A list of actions to take is hardly a foreign concept.  In fact I often hear from people that they don't want to add anything to their to do list because it is already too long and feels unmanageable.  I have to say I carry tasks over on my to do list for longer than I would like to admit.  

A few months ago my business coach mentioned that she had lost her notebook with all her to do lists for her business in it.  We started talking about it and I realized that without a to do list maybe I could start listening a bit more to what was happening internally.  

So as an experiment I ignored my calendar for four days.  I just left it on my desk unopened.  My newsletter went on on time, my blog post went up on Wednesday, I finished a few projects on the house, I read for leisure, I made all the food we needed, I went grocery shopping, I went for a walk with my partner.  Everything that needed to be done, got done.  Maybe I didn't do ALL the things on my to do list that was sitting closed on m desk.  But everything vital happened.  The real magic was that the sense of overwhelm that creeps in while running your own practice, and living your own life was absent.  Comparison was not running the show.  By letting go of my own list of should I was giving room for my intuition to show up.  

I love to do lists.  I always will.  I love the satisfaction of putting all my thoughts on paper.  I find it helpful.  I surprised myself when I was able to run without one.  I enjoyed listening and trusting myself to get what needed to be done, done.  Which makes me think that I may need to switch up how I use a list, and plan my work week.  Can I keep going?  Can I shift the way I tackle other projects, like my study of tarot?  Or my movement practice?  Can I approach them from a more intuitive mind?  Can I trust what I know rather than seeking out information?  What would happen if I let go of should in my brain even more? By now you know that I take all the mundane tasks of my life and ask what medicine does this hold for me?  I am a self examiner.  

So when my to do list gets cumbersome, or I feel dread when I open my calendar, I am going to ask myself what can I let go of?  Do I need to read the list to know what I need to be focusing on?  Most likely the answer is no.  Most likely I know exactly what I need to do.  And on the off chance that I am stuck if I sit for a minute, if I draw a tarot card, if I put on my boots and go for a walk around the block, priority will rise.   

I will say that putting thoughts on paper is important.  But recognizing the ebb and flow of our to do lists can be a great lesson in trusting our intuition.  There are few absolutes in life and being able to let go of to do and trust what we know needs to be paid attention to is powerful.