creative practice

i have been cultivating a writing practice all of my life. when i was younger i planned to leave instructions to have my writing published posthumously.  { i fancied myself a modern day emily dickinson} i applied to writing residency’s, summer camps, studied poetry, read poetry {outloud} and wrote poetry, i have the alphabet tattooed on my leg because it creates the words that i use to express myself.  

i consider myself a writer.  i have never published anything i have written.  someday i hope to.

this year i have been focusing on writing 1000 words every morning.  based loosely on julia camerons book, the artists way i started to explore my own relationship to a daily practice.  

it’s very satisfying.  i found a website that kept track of how many days in a row i write.  it even counted my words for me.  before i went on vacation i had written for three months consecutively.  last month under the full moon i burned all of my journals from high school.  

my relationship to writing and words is a life long friend.  it is challenging and satisfying.  i get to come back to them and ignore them and explore them.  occasionally i share but i write more words than i share.  

all of this to say my writing practice is ever evolving, and i do not know how my writing practice will manifest, or what it will look like, but i am a writer and i have a writing practice.  and for that i am thankful.  

{this a monthly space where i explore my creative practice}

i’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts. do you have a creative practice?