plant medicine as mirror fundamentals.

when all else fails, reach for the soil. tend to my roots.

for me this means putting my hands in dirt. i repot house plants, i tend to the garden, i soak seeds, i read garden magazines and plot new flower beds. i go to the plants.

i know i need to go to the plants when all the other things i think i know don’t work.

and when i listen to the plants, quite literally sometimes if i just watch where they are in their life cycles i can usually find where i am in mine.

when i let myself be with the plants, the plant that speaks to me often has the medicine i need. for instance, i;m feeling all out of sorts lately. my mother bought me a gardenia a few weeks ago. when i came home from vacation with my brother and his family the gardenia was looking a little faded around the edges. i was feeling faded around the egdes, disney vacation is not my idea of restorative activity. the gardenia caught my attention and asked for daily hydration. the gardenia demanded its circumstances/requiremtns be met. and so i had to listen, or lose the gardenia. as i had to tend to my own needs, hydration and rest, or lose my health.

the plants mirror our reality. they are the medicine.

The healing power of plants.

I have a friend who counts how many houseplants I have every time he comes over.  My girlfriend just had an intervention with me, I can't propagate or buy any new plants.  I love plants.   How in the world am I not to coax any more plant babies in the next forever?  I mean until we move.

I have to live with plants and eat plants on a daily basis in order for me to feel my best.  

Plants Heal.  Growing plants teaches us many lessons.  Routine, forgiveness, and loyalty being some of the harder ones, we also learn how to listen and let go from tending to plants.  The observation needed to grow plants is a tool that we can use to examine our own selves.  I have survived some major upside down moments by putting my energy in the soil so that it can compost and bring forth new life for me.  The decay of the plant world inspires me just as the growth.   I'm talking big picture, life metaphors.  Plant your sorrow, and till the earth until new life springs forth.  This can be in a potted herb garden on a balcony, or a lone houseplant on your windowsill, to the backyard veggie garden, or the herb farm with acres of medicine.  

Plants Heal.  Eating plants tastes yummy, and has many lasting benefits for your health and the wellness of the earth.  I am not going to go into the politics of food production right now, I'll save that for later.  But I will say that the nutritive impact that plants provide far outweighs the resource consumption used for their growth.   How our bodies use plants to fuel and strengthen ourselves is simple in that we don't have to teach our bodies what we need, if we listen we can hear our body ask for the plants/food that best serves us.