Happy Solstice!

I love summer solstice.  It is a time to celebrate.  As we have been celebrating pride all month it feels right to honor the earth in all her glory, to dance in the sunlight that grows our food and be thankful for the brightness in which we witness each other.  

This solstice marks the longest day of the year, in the northern hemisphere.  It is the midway point of our journey around the sun.  You can get all witchy and woo about it or you can go to the beach and soak up rays for a longer than you did the day before.  There is no right or wrong way to celebrate.  

But it is reason to celebrate, because we are here, we are part of something bigger than ourselves and when we give thanks we get stronger.

Getting Outside.

Go for a walk.  Sit in a park.  Hug a tree.  Sit on the porch with a cup of tea.  Sit on your stoop with your lunch.  Walk to the store, lie under the stars.  Go fishing, go for a bike ride.  How do you get outside?

Recently I put outside time on my weekly behavior tracker, because I realized that even though I know that being outside makes me productive, happier and healthier I was struggling with getting my ass out into the world.  

What do you know is good for you but you struggle with implementing in your every day existence?  Where do you need a little bit of strategizing?  How do you hold yourself accountable for behaviors that promote creative healthy, growth?