creative practice

i have been cultivating a writing practice all of my life. when i was younger i planned to leave instructions to have my writing published posthumously.  { i fancied myself a modern day emily dickinson} i applied to writing residency’s, summer camps, studied poetry, read poetry {outloud} and wrote poetry, i have the alphabet tattooed on my leg because it creates the words that i use to express myself.  

i consider myself a writer.  i have never published anything i have written.  someday i hope to.

this year i have been focusing on writing 1000 words every morning.  based loosely on julia camerons book, the artists way i started to explore my own relationship to a daily practice.  

it’s very satisfying.  i found a website that kept track of how many days in a row i write.  it even counted my words for me.  before i went on vacation i had written for three months consecutively.  last month under the full moon i burned all of my journals from high school.  

my relationship to writing and words is a life long friend.  it is challenging and satisfying.  i get to come back to them and ignore them and explore them.  occasionally i share but i write more words than i share.  

all of this to say my writing practice is ever evolving, and i do not know how my writing practice will manifest, or what it will look like, but i am a writer and i have a writing practice.  and for that i am thankful.  

{this a monthly space where i explore my creative practice}

i’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts. do you have a creative practice?


asking questions means sitting with answers.

Its still January despite the fact that this month has evaporated into thin air.  Which means I am over here asking questions and sitting with answers.  Right now that looks like brain dumping, writing every thing out of my head with out stopping.  

And of course the #radicalresolution challenge is in full swing.  I am learning about doing things the way we think we should be doing them rather than the way we would do them.  Its all about intuition again.  Listening.  Knowing what I know.  Trusting my vision.  

This week has been hard.  My energy has felt very contracted as if I have little capacity for expansion.  Strange events with my partners family have only exhausted me physically and emotionally to make already energetically tough week even harder.  Hence this post is late and I am distracted.  

My apologies.  I am working on being gentle with what I know and trusting myself to start.  I look forward to sharing with you.  

May you ask all your questions and find all your answers.  



Creative Practice.

my rendition of an artichoke.

my rendition of an artichoke.

When I was introduced to the term creative practice a few years ago it was like a fucking light bulb on top of my head.  I have always made shit.  I am a writer.  I grow house plants, cultivate a kitchen herb garden, sew without patterns, and cook food for my loved ones.  All of these activities are creative outlets.  Yet I never really had a body of work that I could put on display or publish.   So when I found the term creative practice I realized that I had a very strong creative practice.  I fed my soul by making stuff, by learning new skill sets and putting them to use.  

Creative practice is not a set in stone, day in day out task.  It is a practice that serves wholly.  It is the freedom to focus on what intrigues me the most in the present.  Sometimes that is coloring while I watch a movie, sometimes that is planting a veggie garden, occasionally that is making a cover up for my trip to the beach.  

I think it is important to recognize how our practices, our behaviors serve us.  To examine them and ask are we satisfied?  Are we doing this from a place of should?  Or a place of pleasure?  Are they lifting us up?  

So check with yourself.  Where can you create something that brings you pleasure?  It can be a friendship, a calendar, a collage, a spreadsheet.  Creative practice doesn't have to look any one way.  It does have to serve you.