Insta Nap

I have been suffering the comparison that runs rampant in my heart from too much social media.  I am sensitive to this phenomenon.  I know that social media is dangerous for me and because of that I am quite intentional about how and when I interact with different platforms.   I don't bring my phone in to my bedroom, it stays downstairs at night, for example.  I only participate with my four person mastermind on Facebook.  

Lately I have been feeling more vulnerable to others and their versions of perfection.  I have not had the energy to cultivate my version of perfection.  So I am taking an Insta Nap.  


I have been working on a few projects that are beginning to demand more energy and I am excited to have more time free to invest in their production.  I have also been considering how I can cultivate more intentional routine in my day.  Namely I have been thinking about mundane tasks as meditation so I am planning to play with that idea a bit further during my break from the exterior voices of social media.  

There will still be a lot happening here.  The #radicalresolution challenge will be launching for January 2018, and the 1st quarterly Creative | Healthy | Growth zine is in production for 2018 release.   I will be back on the gram in December, my birthday month, with more to say.  


Cathlin Star




Creative | Healthy | Growth a conversation project

I am currently switching things up at Walker Whole Health. Trying to really narrow in on what work I want to be doing, am being called to do, and how I can be of best service.  What I am discovering is that I am being called to work with big bodied womxn.  I am big bodied and my journey with health and becoming a health coach has a lot to do with realizing that I wanted my health to be on my terms and not the terms of doctors who tell me I need to lose weight every time I show up in their office.  

In order to better serve my audience I am starting a project in which I talk to womxn about #creativehealthygrowth. 

What do I mean by #creativehealthygrowth? 

Creative | Healthy | Growth is the way I approach my coaching clients, but more importantly how I approach my own life.  

I believe very deeply that creativity is the wellspring of content, that when we bring creative energy to our work, our problems, our relationships, and our health we can understand how to navigate life with more ease.  Creativity doesn't necessarily mean art, and I am curious how you define, and embrace creativity.  

Health means something different to every single individual in their own body.  I am curious what it means to you?  Do you experience frustrations with the perspective of mainstream health care practitioners?  Have you developed wellness strategies for yourself?  What are they?  Where do you feel the most pain?  In your physical body and your emotional body?  Are they connected?  

Growth is something we are all striving for. It is the practice of existing.  It is being in our life and making it worthy of living to the fullest extent.  It is the truest expression of ourselves, through love.  (at least that's how I understand it)  So what does it mean to you to grow?  Where are you feeling on top?  When do you feel low?  Does change freak you out? you can tell I have a lot to say on the subject, I find it fascinating.  I would love to hear what you think.  Is this something you would be interested in? Would you be willing to talk to me?  Would you rather answer a survey?  Or write me an email?  

Getting Outside.

Go for a walk.  Sit in a park.  Hug a tree.  Sit on the porch with a cup of tea.  Sit on your stoop with your lunch.  Walk to the store, lie under the stars.  Go fishing, go for a bike ride.  How do you get outside?

Recently I put outside time on my weekly behavior tracker, because I realized that even though I know that being outside makes me productive, happier and healthier I was struggling with getting my ass out into the world.  

What do you know is good for you but you struggle with implementing in your every day existence?  Where do you need a little bit of strategizing?  How do you hold yourself accountable for behaviors that promote creative healthy, growth?