I want to show up for myself.

I used to be paralyzed by the idea of change.  I told myself that when I moved, or changed my job, or found a partner or lost the weight, my life would be better, happier, more fun.  But I never moved, I couldn't quit my job, I was perpetually sleeping with people who did not love me and I never have lost any weight.  I lived stuck in this story for years.  

I finally quit my job, and got a new one, in a new state, but it was really the same job.  I was still working too many hours, devoting too much of myself to a business that was run by a man who didn't value my expertise or opinion and wasn't willing to pay me my worth.  

This experience, moving, finding myself in the same place in a different space made me realize how much I needed to change my own narrative.  I needed to dive deep into my dreams and start recognizing what I valued, and what work I wanted to share with the world.  I wanted to show up for myself.  

I found that I wanted to share my strategies for sanity.  The tools and methods for staying alive when the world and all its sadness feels like the only thing within your reach.  I want to help other women struggling with their own worth, fighting with their own bodies.  

My overwhelm and paralysis are not gone completely.  I still struggle with showing up for myself. But I have recognized that reaching out, building community, and asking for support are vital to my journey.  By listening to other women tell their stories and share their success, I learn how to share my own.