soup, it's easier than you think.

Last night I wanted to clean out the fridge so I made soup for dinner.

  • baked chicken thighs.  (boneless, skinless thighs, olive oil, onions, grated ginger, lemon juice, coconut aminos, and lime zest.  I put it all in a baking dish, covered it and set them in the oven at 400° for about 20 minutes.  I shredded the thighs with two forks afterwards, shredded meat goes further than whole cuts)
  • diced mushrooms
  • half an onion diced
  • garlic grated
  • ginger grated
  • carrots
  • four leaves of chard
  • veggie stock

I put onions, carrots, garlic, ginger and mushrooms in a sauté pan with some olive oil.  Stirring occasionally I cooked it over high heat until the mushrooms were the texture I wanted, still slightly firm, 8 minutes.  I added in the shredded chicken and all its cooking juices, and the chard.  I left that all heat up.  Stirring consistently.  Then at the end I poured in a quart of veggie stock.  I let that come to a simmer and served it all over a bit of brown rice.  I doctored the bowls of soup with some gomasio and sriracha.  Delish!  In fact I will eat the leftovers for lunch after I finish writing this.  


I used up all the old mushrooms, the carrots were the last few in the baby carrot bag, the chard was a bit wilted and needed to be used.  I put the onion ends, skins and chard stalks in a bag in the freezer for stock.  The shredded chicken thighs I made for dinner last week.  Everything was left over or about at its moment of decline.  Now the fridge is ready to go for the a quick wipe down, because a clean fridge feels good.  Then I will go grocery shopping tomorrow.  

A few key points about keeping organized in the kitchen.  

  • use your freezer.  if you think you won't eat it, freeze it for later.
  • glass storage containers, pyrex makes cute ones with 50's designs on them.  glass is good mainly because you can see what you are dealing with.  
  • keep a list going in your kitchen somewhere: it is how you avoid using the end of the bottle of sesame oil and then forgetting to get it at the store. 
  • go grocery shopping with a list, upgrade your list with a weekly menu.
  • know your staples.  what can your kitchen not function without?