slowly but surely.

hello there.

it has been awhile since i have posted here. so much has been happening. but i am looking forward to being present here. i took a little bit of a break from posting here and in the time i have been gone i have started writing more for myself, which in turn has inspired me to write more for my business, not just the materials i provide for my clients, but as a creative human in a body.

part of this sustained writing practice has been a very diligent hold on how and when i engage with social media. i started using a post scheduler for my business posts, and have started setting a timer for when i scroll. i don’t open instagram on my phone until after 11am. i have also had some interesting and revealing conversations with my partner about how social media shows up in our relationship.

all of this to say that being aware of how we spend our energy is important. one would think that by 40 we would have some of this figured out, but i am almost 41 and still feel as though i am getting the hang of this life situation slowly but surely.