Self care is radical

Taking care of oneself is non-negotiable.  Because you cannot give of yourself if you have nothing to give.  Self care is getting a lot of press these days.  I use self care hashtags all the time.  I am sure people and followers are not interested in my bath, or how I take a minute or two out of my day to pull a tarot card or finish my book.  But I am.

I care about my self care and what ever means I need to hold myself accountable to taking care of myself are necessary.  So I employ a few different tactics.  Be public.  Show up.  Use my voice.  Those are outward displays of holding myself accountable, but I also have my internal dialogue.  I listen to my heart, my gut, and my feet.  I have standing appointments at the chiropractor.  I have plant allies in my tea cupboard, in my tincture drawer and in my beauty supply basket.  I let myself soak in the glory of the sunset, I relish an early morning of silence.  I prioritize sleep.

Don't get me wrong, I have a dynamic life with a partner who fly's at least twice a week, I have a work schedule, I live 900 something miles away from my crew.  I am human and sometimes I feel as if I want to just quite it all and binge watch Queen Sugar.  

So I have determined which are my non-negotiables.   What must I have everyday?  How and where is there flexibility in those non-negotiables?  And then the rest I let go of.  If I can make it work that day, great, give it to me.  If it's too much to squeeze in a full-on epsom salt soak then I'll go for the arnica rub and some lavender oil on my temples.  The letting go is just as important as the self care.  Because then it becomes something real, messy, full of life and happening.  Happening is where the magic is.  The happening is where shit gets radical.  

Self care is radical because we are in charge of it.  When we take ownership of our lives, our health, and our relationships we can tackle the hardest obstacles.  When we know that we have what it takes to heal ourselves, when we know that we are self reliant, self loving and self rejuvenating then we become unstoppable.