Seasonal Practice: Gardening.

Seasonal practice is about tuning our bodies into the rhythms of the earth.  Just as our bodies wake and sleep with the cycle of the sun above our heads, our bodies are innately aware of the seasons; we are all familiar with the desire to snuggle and wear scarves when the chill of autumn arrives.  

I love to put my hands in soil.  I love a good perennial garden but I live in the burbs, in a condo, on the fourth floor.  I don't have access to a garden plot, my balcony has northern exposure, so I cultivate a little potted herb garden.  It isn't everything I dream of but it is the way I can satisfy my need to have my hands in the dirt.  

Often in our lives we don't do the thing we dream of because all the conditions are not perfect. How can you do your dream enough to satisfy right now?  It may not look the way you want it to, but can you feed a little piece of your soul?  

While seasonal practice is about tuning our bodies to natural rhythms, it also about recognizing that there are cycles, there are seasons for each phase of us.  We cannot do everything exactly as we dream of it.  But we can give of ourselves what we currently have energy for.  It does not need to perfect, it does not need to look a certain way the way you show up is determined by you and what your body mind and heart are capable in this current season of your life.