I am really struggling with how to stay calm and breathe.  The current political reality has me screaming #$^*((&#@! at the top of my lungs on a daily basis.  I am holding more anger in my body than I know what to do with.  Experts have warned me to keep my queer, political, witchy self out of the writing that I do for my health coaching practice, but that feels inauthentic and opaque to me.  I am sure that I am not the only one experiencing frustration and overwhelm.  

Health is what keeps us going, literally.  Health is all of the pieces of the puzzle that let us live our lives to their greatest capacity.  It is the culmination of our minds, our bodies and our spirits.  Notice that our bodies are only a piece of health, that our spirit and minds are of equal importance.  By this design we recognize the harm a broken spirit poses to our health.  The jeopardy an apathetic mind can impose. 

It is important that we maintain our sanity and health in order to do the work that is asked of us.  

So I am on the daily figuring out what works for me.  What keeps me sane?  That may look very different than it does for you or your loved one.  Breath, movement, ritual, cooking, writing, making art, friendship, activism, these are all old standbys that can feel stale, and ineffective in the face of such offense.  

This morning I read a quote that calmed me.  It made me realize that we all know how to maintain our health, our sanity, our power.  

"Go back.  Again and again to the places that heal and strengthen.  Cleanse and restore to our natural power and memory."

This quote had no attribution, for which I am sorry because it holds so much power and I would love to give credit where credit is due.  I am now reciting this as my daily mantra.  It could not have arrived at a more opportune time, as I prepare to travel to my ancestral home in the woods of Vermont, where I will be able to go back to be healed by a dance party, the loving strangle of my nieces arms around my neck, the cynical critique of my father and the warming cup of tea at my mothers kitchen table.  

It is in our homes that we can create what we want and need in the world.  It is in our communities, in our hearts.  It is with our health, our love of ourselves that we can conquer tyrants.  So thank you anonymous internet for bringing these words to me today.  For reminding me that I have what I need, I just need to remember.