Plants heal. Lesson #121,577

Plants. Heal.

So I have always loved plants.  I have a houseplant problem.  My wifi network is welcome to the jungle.  I had a friend who would count all of my houseplants before he left my house every time he came over.  He lived downstairs, he was there a lot.  Most often there were more plants than the time he counted before.  As we were preparing to move across the country my partner had to establish a rule that I was not to buy any houseplants till we were in our new house.  

I do not collect plants for the sake of collecting, rather it is the relationships I have with my plants that spur my collection.  Each one is a meditation in sustaining life and showing up.  My plants have taught  me lessons in routine, consistency, moving, letting go of what is no longer serving, resilience, thirst, famine, beauty, and breathe.  That is not an exhausted list, there are more lessons.

Often when people come to my house they are amazed by how many plants there are and how they seem to be everywhere.  They express surprise at their maintenance.  They proclaim they can't keep plants alive.  I would argue that the plants have kept me alive.  Because the secret of a plant, is that its only purpose is to grow.   It wants nothing more than to be its biggest version of its self and it will sacrifice in order to persevere.  

So the daily practice of having plants can be the analogy for the daily practice of trusting myself.  It is the repeated intuitive needs of plants that invite me to show up in my own knowing of my worth.  It is the relationship of responsibility for their life that demonstrates how to trust in what I know.  

I know this is a bit out there.  #woowooasfuck some might say.  But I am completely serious.  For me it is houseplants, and my garden, what is it for you?  Is there something in your life that sustains you?  Where do you learn your lessons?  How can you honor that something?  Do you prioritize it?  Could you write it at the top of a gratitude list?  Share it with people you care about?