Being home brings the opportunity to be in my kitchen.  After traveling I find myself craving simple meals.  Veggie focused, and easy to prepare, dishes that let the ingredients speak for themselves.  Right now my veggie use has to be minimal as I am cooking for my partner who has been battling travelers dysentery after three months abroad.  So I am practicing simplicity.   Last night I made pasta with butter, olive oil, salt, pepper and chopped herbs from the balcony garden: oregano, basil, and parsley.  This evening a mild curry, sweet potato, potato, carrots, onions, and ginger in coconut milk.  Slow cooked in one pot.  Not a lot of dishes to wash, not a lot of prep.  

I am practicing this method, simplicity and ease of production, in other places in my life as well.   I am finishing up odds and ends here at WWH.  I am, of course, fiercely attached to everything I create for this business.  But I am working hard to simplify and lessen my frustration.  I want to be at ease as I work for my clients, polish this website, create worksheets, and brainstorm content for my upcoming webinar.  So I am breathing through my to do list.  Releasing my frustration through the satisfaction of checking things off as I go.  I know things may not be perfect but they are done.  Done works best for me right now.  

I am struck how much I need this practice in my life elsewhere, not just in work and in the kitchen.  I know that my yoga practice would really benefit from this outlook, simplicity and ease of production.  Today I am going to to a yoga class that I have never taken.  My plan is to go, and be present on my mat.  Simple and easy.  Done.

So I am applying this craving that started in my belly, for the simple food of fall and my own kitchen, to the rest of my life: my work, my yoga, my appointments, my to-do list.  I know that I have a tendency to get carried away.  That I am often paralyzed by my craving for perfection but I am redefining perfection.  As of right now, Perfection=DONE.

How do you paralyze yourself?  How do you move through that stagnant space and into something that is lush and rich with accomplishment?