My Beloved, the sweet potato.

This week I am going to sing the praise of my current go to root vegetable.  My beloved, the sweet potato.  Just so you know, I pass on the sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving I'd rather my sweet potatoes savory. Thank You.  So if you think sweet potatoes are marshmallows best friend, then this will be new territory for you.  

I roast 3 sweet potatoes every Sunday.  Then I add them into meals throughout my week: with scrambled eggs and greens for breakfast, under chicken salad for lunch, and in enchiladas for dinner.  I'm currently experimenting with a sweet potato smoothie for an October immunity boost.  

Sweet potatoes come in many different colors and flavors.   The variety we are most familiar with are the rose skin and bright orange flesh of the Beauregard or the copper skin and deep orange flesh of the Jewell.  Look for dark purple skin and find a creamy color flesh.  Or red skin with yellow flesh.    Experiment, taste the difference of flavors and textures.  The more you play the more you will learn which ones you enjoy the taste of with what food.  In my experience the lighter the flesh the less sweet and smooth the flavor.  

My all time favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is breakfast food.  Half a sweet potato with a fried egg, hot sauce, avocado and kimchi makes me happy.  When I want a shot of sweet, I sear up slices of roasted orange sweet potatoes in ghee and am completely satisfied.  You could coat them in spices, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and then cook em in coconut oil.   I recommend roasting them, a few at a time, cause it's simple.  Sweet potatoes on a pan in the oven at 350° for about 40 minutes.  Let em cool and keep them in a glass dish in the fridge.  The versatility of my beloved sweet potato makes it a simple, healthy option for nourishment throughout the week.

Please hit me up and tell me how you enjoy your sweet potatoes.