Making Stock.

I always have homemade stock in the fridge.  Here is how you can too.

The easiest way is to keep a bag of veggie scraps and meat scraps in your freezer.  I tend to keep the two separate.  Whenever I cut up an onion, I throw the ends and the skins in the veggie scrap bag.  I put apple cores in veggie bag.  I put celery leaves, carrot tops, scallions roots, zucchini skins, gnawed on pork chops bones, chicken wing bones, you get the idea.  

When the bag gets full I dump it in a big sauce pot.  Fill it with water, throw a bay leaf in there and turn it on low.  I keep it on the stove for twelve hours.  I let it all cool down, strain it, and then discard the solids, keeping the stock.  I store the stock in glass quart jars in the fridge.  It keeps for up to three weeks.  

You can get fancy and picky about what you put in stock, cultivating specific flavors and nutrients.  I think it is important to keep it simple, because in my experience if it is simple, then it gets done, and done is perfect!