Insta Nap

I have been suffering the comparison that runs rampant in my heart from too much social media.  I am sensitive to this phenomenon.  I know that social media is dangerous for me and because of that I am quite intentional about how and when I interact with different platforms.   I don't bring my phone in to my bedroom, it stays downstairs at night, for example.  I only participate with my four person mastermind on Facebook.  

Lately I have been feeling more vulnerable to others and their versions of perfection.  I have not had the energy to cultivate my version of perfection.  So I am taking an Insta Nap.  


I have been working on a few projects that are beginning to demand more energy and I am excited to have more time free to invest in their production.  I have also been considering how I can cultivate more intentional routine in my day.  Namely I have been thinking about mundane tasks as meditation so I am planning to play with that idea a bit further during my break from the exterior voices of social media.  

There will still be a lot happening here.  The #radicalresolution challenge will be launching for January 2018, and the 1st quarterly Creative | Healthy | Growth zine is in production for 2018 release.   I will be back on the gram in December, my birthday month, with more to say.  


Cathlin Star