Hump Day Blog Posts. From now until forever.

  Today brought me a dear old friend.  I have gone to her with some of the scariest questions, craziest ideas, and biggest what if's my life has thrown at me.  She always has my back. No matter what.  I got to have her back today.  It was an honor to listen to her and what is happening in her life.  After she worked through some of her feelings she asked me what's going on for you?  

I am on the precipice of my great dream, I work daily on it.  I have been doing tons of research, I worked with some really awesome business coaches, I have attended all sorts of webinars, I have my assumed business name certificate in hand.  I have clawed my way to this point and now that it is time to deliver I am scared shitless.  I feel kind of empty.  As if I have lost a piece of what drove me here in the first place.   My dear friend helped me out of this emptiness.   She reminded me of who I am, and what I know.  

I am a health coach.  I am a health coach because I believe that it is powerful and radical to take care of ourselves.  I am a health coach because I love food, and I hate food.  I love my body and I hate my body.  I am a health coach because I know that the earth has what we need to thrive.  I am a health coach because I know it is important to teach, heal, listen, and help ourselves.  I know that we as humans have what we need within ourselves.  Not the jones, but ourselves.  

I am a health coach because at times I have made my life so complicated, and it took my good friend, the one who always has my back to show me the big picture.  A health coach can be that friend who always has your back.  That friend who holds you accountable to yourself.  

Accountability.  When I hear that word all types of scary of shit comes up.  I am sure I am not alone when I say I have scribbled it in so many books, on so many to-do lists, scheduled accountabilty on calendars.  I have lit candles with the utmost of intentions.  And then life happens.  Life happening is the greatest blessing.  I am so fucking psyched that life is happening to me.  Sometimes I want some help.  Sometimes I want someone to hold me to my calendar.  I want my to-do list to knock me on the floor if I stop paying attention to it in the afternoon.  

So this here Hump Day Blog Post is just that.  Me.  Holding myself accountable to my dream, my business, being authentically Cat, being true to my health coach heart.  It's my help.  It's my dear friend.  It will test every ounce of discipline I can muster.  But this community, that I work to create, and hold space for deserves my best effort.  

Thank you to my dear dear friend.  I appreciate you taking the time out of your needs to help me see new perspective and fresh laughter.