Honor your sacred parts

Hey there everybody.  It has been a doozy of a week.  There is nothing like completely preventable tragedy (assault weapons ban) to put into perspective how frustrating our patriarchal capitalist society truly is.  We all need a little bit of light.  A candle, a hug, a president who responds appropriately, but I digress.  Sometimes you have to tap into what you need.  I needed to lighten up.  I needed to not think about the seemingly never ending logistics of moving from Chicago to New Jersey.  I needed to not think about the fuct politics and the tragedy of evil.  I needed to not think about how I serve my people in a way that supports and heals and dismantles systemic racism and patriarchal oppression.  I just needed a break from the world.  

 So I turned Tom Petty up all the way on my iphone and danced in heels with a broom.  

How can you lighten up?  How can I support you in tapping into what you need?  How can you honor the parts of you that are sacred, and tender?  

Tomorrow is the full moon.  I am planning to sit under her light next to water and be quiet.  I plan to hold the hand of the woman who loves me unconditionally.  It is the small that sustains us right now.  Because we have big work to do.  We have to call our representatives and demand that they begin implementing comprehensive gun control.  I will not list all the work we have to do because I am really trying to hold onto that feeling that my Tom Petty dance party brought to me.  

In light and love, 

Cathlin Star