Honor their voices with your actions.

A few years ago I found an image on the internet that said awaken your witch.  I copied and pasted it into a file and printed it out in brilliant colors.  It lived on my bulletin board above my desk.  Then I framed it, and moved it into my bedroom.  

That phrase spoke to me in many ways.  I grew up in the woods, running wild amongst the trees and plants of my native home.  My mother made medicine and food from the earth.  To many this sounds dreamy, but my childhood had its share of trauma.  I escaped to the natural world to get away from the drunken realities of my family.  Understanding that the natural world could hold me, heal me and inspire me is vital to the very fabric of my being.  

I started to recognize a theme of the feminine in my understanding of healing and intuitive knowing.  It was not only the feminine that I connected with but the modalities of care passed through stories and lineage that resonated with me.  When I was in my early 20's I found my self pregnant.  I was very much in love with the man that I made this child with, I was also in college, and extremely disciplined in taking my birth control.  A friend offered a phone number of a healer who could abort the pregnancy for me in my own home.  The experience was wonderful.  It was a moment when I realized that our need as women to care for one another super cedes the establishment of patriarchal medicine.

I consider myself a witch because I believe with all of my soul, that we hold the ability to heal ourselves and our earth in our hearts.  There are big scary diseases in the world that need the help of western modalities, but it is our responsibility to honor the earth in all her magic and in doing so we begin to heal ourselves; our bodies and our souls.  

Walker Whole Health is built in this belief.  My daily work to be at home in my body is rooted in the work of the generations of female bodies before me.  It is about taking back the knowledge of our intuitions.  It is about bucking the system.  It is about telling patriarchal world culture to fuck off.  It is about standing in our power and knowing that we are good, that we are just where we need to be, as we are right now.  It is about recognizing our wounds, and forgiving ourselves for having scars.  It is about holding space for each other.  It is about listening.  It is about creating communities.  It is about nourishing our bodies and our souls.  It is about learning to live in alignment with where we are.  It is about accepting ourselves. 

So in this time when the veil between those that have passed before us thins I ask you to say thank you to the women who have fought for you to stand here now.  I ask you to hear their whispers.  Honor their voices with your actions.