Getting in my body.

Movement is one of the most important ways I get out of my mind.  It's a vital piece of my health I thought was a non-negotiable yet I don't remember the last time I went to the gym or a yoga class.  I have been stuck. I have been struggling with feeling very stagnant.  I have been feeling caged almost.  I have been feeling it in my body.  I have been drinking lemon balm, nettles and peppermint teas.  I have been rocking in my rocking chair on the balcony to help stimulate my lymph system.  But something a business pal said the other day really struck a chord.  Laura posted about letting go of practices that are not serving you.  When I read her post I was like ding, ding, ding.  

So this morning I let go of the gym.  I took a walk around the pond instead.  I stretched on a rock, watched fish jump, a heron wading, turtles sunning, frogs bathing and I picked a bouquet of woodland spring stunners for my desk.  Needless to say I am in a fucking fabulous mood.  Watch out world.  

I was not covered with sweat after my walk.  But I was in my body.  

Getting into our bodies is fucking hard.  I always feel resistance.  But there is so much to learn when we get there.  I have a tool I use with clients to help them start listening to their bodies.  I pulled it out this morning because I need to sit with myself and listen.  I need to get out of the brainstorm, out of the practices that are no longer serving me, out of the stagnation frustrating me, out of the tension in my lower back.   Here is a pdf of the worksheet