Frustrated with body positivity.


I talk to people all day long about loving our bodies.  I practice daily to be my best me.  I hate being weighed at the doctores office. I hate when my father in law makes comments about how much food I eat.  I am so fucking exhausted and frustrated with my body always being subject to others opinions.  

Recently in my coaching practice I have shifted from food focused health ie: cooking lessons & grocery shopping strategies, to strategies to feel at home in your body.  This shift has plunked me down right in the middle of the body positive movement.  I have been struggling with how my work and my self fit into the body positive movement, if at all. 

This has provoked a lot of conversation with my nearest and dearest human hearts and brains.  From these conversations I have realized one piece of my frustration and discomfort within the body positivity movement is that it is focused on the body.  While celebrating my body has been crucial to my healing and liberation as a female in a patriarchal capitalist society, I am also extremely exhausted with the conversation being about bodies.  

We all have bodies.  They are the exact same and completely different all in the same moment. 

We all have bodies.  They are the exact same and completely different all in the same moment. That is one of the foundational truths of human existence.  That being said, I no longer need my body to be the topic of any conversation.   As a fat women I see the body positive movement as an attempt to eek out respect for my body because it does not conform to society's expected norms of beauty.    But the body positive conversation still feels very centered around the body, and external validation. 

I know that every size and shape is beautiful because my body has been many different sizes and shapes in my life.

My worth is inherent within my existence.  Being here is perfect.  So I want to start conversations about how to be here, how to show up to expectations with my messy reality and be okay with it.  I want to talk about opening my heart to others.  I want to examine my fears with the understanding that I can use my fear as a tool to determine my course.    

My work may get lumped into the body posi movement, but it is because we are just beginning to realize that we need new language to describe and understand our own worth.