Female Bodied.

I remember the first time I was sexually harassed on the street.  I was 11.  I was waiting to cross the street, and some asshat yelled out of a truck at me.

 "Hey baby, what you got under that shirt?"

I was 11.  

Since then my body has grown into a very curvy, full bosomed womxn's body.  I have navigated the patriarchal world culture in this body and I am here to hold space for other female bodied individuals who have experienced the bullshit expectations and realities of being female bodied in this culture.  

I will not regale you with the details of the times I have felt unsafe, disrespected, objectified or shamed, because I know that you have your own stories.  Stories that are horrific, terrifying, infuriating and traumatizing.  Stories that you carry in your soul.  Stories that inform your life, livelihood, behavior and heart.  Stories that you share, and ones that you keep to yourself.

We as female bodied people are aware of the societal expectations for us to show up pretty, frail and small.  We are under constant attack from the beauty industry to cover up and hide so called flaws.  I am sure we have all experienced someone telling us to smile, or that we look prettier when we smile.  If we dive into the health and wellness world, or go into the fitness world or the yoga world, we find even more disparaging dialogue and commentary on our bodies.  A prominent and deeply disturbing expectation that thin = healthy seems to pervade the fitness and yoga worlds of western cultures.  Being a vibrant large body I take particular offense to this.

There is a plus size movement.  There is a body positive movement.  There are people who are working tirelessly to fight fat phobia.  Thank you.  Having a female body is political.  Showing up in our bodies is an act of revolution.  Fighting every single day is exhausting.  So I want to share with you some strategies and tools I use to walk in my power.  I want to share ways in which I understand and honor my worth.  Things I have done in my life to better understand how to show up with out apology and glow with the life that I was given.  

Stay tuned for 5 actions to walk in your power.  Coming at you next week!  Till then, thank you.