Fall Comfort.

I am one of those people who love whatever season is cresting on the horizon.  I get very excited by new winds, different sun angles and most of all the promise of the new seasonal bounty!  This past week I have been working furiously on getting some loose ends tied up.  Which means I have had some time to be in the kitchen.  My favorite place.  

We have been working our way through a little fall cleanse at our house, so we have been focusing on eating in, cooking new veggies every day and not having any extra sugar.  NO ADDED SUGAR.  Which means we are turning to sweet veggies to get our sweet tooth satisfied.  Since the apples are literally rolling off the shelves at the grocery store, I have been subscribing to the apple a day theory.  Sliced apples with almond butter has been my go to afternoon snack.  But the winner of the sweet tooth satisfier contest has been applesauce with onions.  I have eaten this simple applesauce for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had it with pork chops and brussels sprouts the other night.  I love the cooked apple flavor with the cinnamon and the onion adds a bit of depth to the sweet.   I used pork fat as my cooking fat.  It gave it a bit more of a savory flavor, but ghee, or olive oil or even coconut oil would work and make it even more sweet.  I cannot tell you how versatile, easy and delish this applesauce is.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

applesauce with onions.edit.png