Doing my damn thing.

Here we are in January and I am feeling like I need a lot of boundaries in place.  I am feeling protective.  I am practicing asking for what I need, slowing down a bit and tuning out some noise.  Yesterday I took a day off from my computer.  I checked all my emails on my phone while I was having tea and while looking at my monday I realized I could carve out a day of writing, reading and taking care of myself.  As you know I am hosting the #radicalresolution challenge on instagram and I even took the day off from posting on there.  


I am feeling the need for boundaries because I want to hold on to the spark of my intention longer.

I am not ready to share all of my plans, and I want to leave more (parenthetical space) in my year for sitting and dreaming, spacing out in the garden, or walking in a snowstorm.  Bears get to hibernate and after the temperatures of the last few weeks on the east coast I want to hibernate too.  It is not that I feel the need to sleep I just feel the need to be with myself and my people around the hearth without screens.  I am not ready to share all the things I want 2018 to bring because I am just easing into the feelings I want to cultivate in 2018.  That process is not fast, or immediate it is daily small consistent acts that accumulate to the year of 2018 as a cohesive, consistent whole.  

Tap into the speed your body is asking for.

So the flavor of those daily acts; your daily strategy, is how you build your intention for the year. If you focus on what you need, what your body is craving, if you can tap into the speed your body is asking for, then you can sink into your own body, your own rhythm.  You begin to feel at home in your body by listening, giving yourself some time.  Don’t assume that change happens on January 2nd.  Allow yourself the grace to root yourself.  It takes time to get into your body, it takes work.  There is no need for shame or frustration when the first try doesn’t work.  You get to try again the next day.  Even the slightest shift in focus is a huge accomplishment.  Awareness is the beginning.  

I guess I am writing this as a reminder to myself that I get to feel this out.  I have to trust myself that I know what I am doing.  After all my #radicalresolution is to trust myself.  It may not look like anybody else’s way of doing it but I am doing my damn thing.