Diggin In

Last week after a session with a client I wrote the phrase DIG-IN on a post-it note.  I have been staring at it all week.

At the same time I am reading a book called Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.  It examines how the ability to go deep, focus, and practice being bored can create space for great work in an increasingly distracted world.  I have been enthralled with the book and am starting to feel shifts in my own behavior in terms of my relationship with outside input.  After staring at the DIG-IN post-it for a week, now it has me wondering where I can dig-in to my life to create that deep work, to cultivate the experience of undistracted focus.  

Recently I had a coaching session which blew open my heart.  In closing the session my coach gave me some exercises to do over the next two weeks.  I have been putting them off, rationalizing to myself why later will be better.  But this morning as I was reading my weekly horoscope  I realized that I have no choice but to dive deep, to dig-in to the uncomfortable place of vulnerability my coach and I found.   I have to make the time.  I have to block it out on my calendar, just the same way I block out chunks of time for clients, chunks of time for writing, chunks of time for my relationship, I need to block out chunks of time to dig-in.  We all do.  

 We all need to block out chunks of time to dig-in.  Create space for deep undistracted time.  Whether creative, athletic, or mindful, digging-in allows us to get acquainted with ourselves.  

One way I create undistracted time in my life, is by unplugging.  I'm taking a month long break from social media.  I discontinued my cable television.  I check my email once a day.  I leave my phone outside of the office during the day and in the kitchen while I sleep.   It feels strange.  It takes practice.  These are just experiments in how to find more space.  More time to be me.  I invite you to DIG-IN.  To find some space of your own.