Creative Practice.

my rendition of an artichoke.

my rendition of an artichoke.

When I was introduced to the term creative practice a few years ago it was like a fucking light bulb on top of my head.  I have always made shit.  I am a writer.  I grow house plants, cultivate a kitchen herb garden, sew without patterns, and cook food for my loved ones.  All of these activities are creative outlets.  Yet I never really had a body of work that I could put on display or publish.   So when I found the term creative practice I realized that I had a very strong creative practice.  I fed my soul by making stuff, by learning new skill sets and putting them to use.  

Creative practice is not a set in stone, day in day out task.  It is a practice that serves wholly.  It is the freedom to focus on what intrigues me the most in the present.  Sometimes that is coloring while I watch a movie, sometimes that is planting a veggie garden, occasionally that is making a cover up for my trip to the beach.  

I think it is important to recognize how our practices, our behaviors serve us.  To examine them and ask are we satisfied?  Are we doing this from a place of should?  Or a place of pleasure?  Are they lifting us up?  

So check with yourself.  Where can you create something that brings you pleasure?  It can be a friendship, a calendar, a collage, a spreadsheet.  Creative practice doesn't have to look any one way.  It does have to serve you.