Book Club? yes or no

I am not sure if you know this about me but I love to smell books.  I love the feeling of the pages of books when it is humid and they feel like velvet.  I love to hold them, collect them, oh yeah I like to read them.  I used to read books much more often than I do now.  So I want to read books with other folks, more often than I do now.  

Lately I have been wishing I had a group of women to read books with.    

Maybe for now its a google doc that we add a few of our faves to.  I would like to compose a list of books that inspires us and informs our work.  Some oldies but some newbies too.  I want to hear what other people are thinking and where they are finding their trusted sources.  I would like to do it outside of a posting format if that is possible with us being scattered all over.  

Books hold a magical place in my heart.  They hold my imagination and I want to share that space and thinking mind with other women.


Tell me how this could work for you.  I am open to ideas, so let me know.  book club?  yes or no