asking questions means sitting with answers.

Its still January despite the fact that this month has evaporated into thin air.  Which means I am over here asking questions and sitting with answers.  Right now that looks like brain dumping, writing every thing out of my head with out stopping.  

And of course the #radicalresolution challenge is in full swing.  I am learning about doing things the way we think we should be doing them rather than the way we would do them.  Its all about intuition again.  Listening.  Knowing what I know.  Trusting my vision.  

This week has been hard.  My energy has felt very contracted as if I have little capacity for expansion.  Strange events with my partners family have only exhausted me physically and emotionally to make already energetically tough week even harder.  Hence this post is late and I am distracted.  

My apologies.  I am working on being gentle with what I know and trusting myself to start.  I look forward to sharing with you.  

May you ask all your questions and find all your answers.