All ways forward...

I know the world would be a better place with more women in power.  I dream of a world where our planet is revered.  A world in which every child grows up knowing in the heart of their soul that they are worthy, loved and capable.  A world in which our imagination is the only limit to our success.  I do not live in that world.  

I live in this world full of misogyny, fear, racism, anger and division (to name a few evils).  This world is not new.  It is the same world I woke up in on Tuesday morning.  I have only myself to examine, to reach into, in order to understand what happened in the Presidential election.   I was vocal in my support of Bernie Sanders.  I admitted defeat in the primary and towed the party line, supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton.  But I did not protest the reality of the Trump candidacy.  I went about my daily business.  I didn't realize the dire shit storm that my complacency created.  It is with regret and anger, at my own ability to go about my life, that I confront the reality of Trump as president of the United States.  

I cannot list all of the aspects of this reality that terrify me.  Environmental ramifications are at the forefront of my mind today.  

On social media I have witnessed so many calls to action.  I have read about so much grief, anger and shock.  There are have been many posts about how this happened, about our responsibility for this election, about what we should do next.  I do feel something galvanizing in this experience.  I find myself re-committing to my work of healing as a revolutionary act.  I have begun to think of how I can reach more people, can be of service to people who really need coaching and health.  How can I create space for those most marginalized?  

One suggestion I read on @alexandraroxo's instagram page has kept me thinking.  She talked about moving from the blue outer edges of the country into the red center and starting to teach in the red states.  That idea out of all the others presented in my choir of social media posts has resonated with me.  Maybe because I have removed myself from the bubble of like mindedness that I fostered for years.  I currently live in a very privileged community.  One that is conservative, and homogenous, a community in which being queer and radical is frowned upon.  So how can I use this division in how I see the world and how my neighbors see the world?  How can I begin making purple?

There are small acts that will move us forward, sitting next to the woman wearing a head scarf on the train, donating herbal remedies to those protesting with Standing Rock Sioux, spending our money at small shops, supporting local artisans, and bigger actions: supporting planned parenthood and other abortion and health care providers which will undoubtedly be under attack  in this new administration.  We need to do the big work like talking to our representatives, showing up to protest the dismantling of the EPA, blocking the nomination of misogynist judges, listening to survivors voices.  But all of the above is not about my immediate community.  

How do I start to make purple in my immediate surroundings?  By calling out racism when it is sitting next to me, at my dinner table.  By living my life out loud, and proud, every day.  But I need more suggestions.  I need more ideas, and plans.  I want more.  I want to live in resistance of hatred and division.  I want a dialogue to open up.  So I must learn how to talk with people who do not see the world the same way I do.  I must listen to their ideas, and values and perspectives, without writing them off as uninformed.  I don't want to protest, I should have done that before the election.  I want to live in a world where understanding is the foundation of action.  

I am not saying that I want to forgive, or turn my other cheek.  I want to be the change I want to see in the world.  I implore you to join me.  Let me know how you are going to live your life now that the hood of this democracy has been pulled off and we can't ignore its ugly fucking face.