Accepting my self right now.

I have been moving since the beginning of July.  It has a been a long process of purging belongings and assessing material items and their worth as it pertains to my immediate life.


We donate to goodwill all year long.  I consistently get rid of stuff.  Years ago I made a #radicalresolution to get rid of something everyday for a year.  And I still have stuff to get rid of. Houseplants, mason jars, shoes, purses, books.  I have an unhealthy amount of all of these things.  And clothes.  

I know that a lot of people are jumping on the minimalists bandwagon.  I really like and agree with most everything I hear from them. But this post is about getting rid of clothes that I don’t fit in any more.  

This is hard.  I turn 40 this year and my body is very different now than it is when I was twenty, or even 32.  A lot of my clothes don't fit me anymore.  Which means I have clothes that I never wear.  Most everyone knows the adage if you haven’t worn it in a year then get rid of it.  But there is a portion of my closet that some how escapes this rule and exists in a potentiality that all women who have struggled to change their body to conform to an expected standard understand.  

I have been getting rid of my it will fit when I lose 10 pounds clothing.   

Clothes that I take off as soon as I walk into my house, are outta here.  Any waistband that is cutting me in the stomach is outta here.  Any fabric stretched over my chest, outta here.  Which means that I have gotten rid of jeans, shorts, dresses, leggings, sports bras, t-shirts, skirts, sweaters, and blouses.   {Can you say fat grrl clothes swap?}

This process had its beginnings in a conversation I had with a friend who can fit all of her belongings except her couch in her toyota corolla.  Then like I said, some influence from the minimalists and some module wardrobe pinterest boards, but the really revolutionary part is letting go of this potentiality of maybe losing weight.


Having only clothes that fit me in my closet has forced me to face that my body is how it is right now.  Accepting my body in this moment is an act of embracing myself on a deeper level that has me really excited.  It feels good to say; here I am right now.  

It is getting in my body.  I talk about getting in my body all the time.  Because my mission is to help us all get in our bodies, experience ourselves in our most truthful and authentic selves.  

So here I am with a pile taller than I am of stuff I am getting rid of because I moved into a house smaller than my condo.  But at the same time I am taller than I have ever been because I am standing in my power.  In my body.  Right now.