Whole Health

Pre-S.  This is going to be a bit esoteric and theoretical.  

Lets talk about what whole means.  I named this coaching practice whole in honor of the entirety of all.  I mean that our individual health is vital to our health as a planet.  I feel the most alive when I am able to really truly tap into what makes the earth a wild, magic, diverse, space.  By slowing down, tapping in, and recognizing the power of the simple then we can start to heal our selves and it is on that journey that we cultivate the courage and determination to heal our connection with the earth.  

This is all some big life feeling shit.  So what do I do daily to align myself with this intention?  I grow houseplants.  I sit in the parking lot of my building and gaze at the moon.  I try to eat food that doesn't come in a wrapper.  I slow down.  I appreciate the minutia of life.  I laugh from my belly.  This process is about you.  It has to work for you.  It has to feed you.  So start where you are.  Tap in.  Stay gentle.  Show up.  Forgive.  Breathe.  It is about your relationship with your self, your surroundings, your reality, your health.

 I created this coaching practice with a focus on understanding health from a holistic perspective. This practice is vital, changing, alive, and human.  Encompassing and recognizing our human ness is what makes health tangible, it is what makes whole health.  

to live with our hearts wide open is messy and exciting and hard and satisfying

I ask my clients to evaluate where they are with no shades of judgement.  This evaluation is an opportunity to be honest with ourselves.  It is space in which we document what your reality feels like.  With this information we then get to identify what struggles you want to tackle, and how you want to feel.  It is space to look at the mess of our lives.  Cause to live with our hearts wide open is messy and exciting and hard and satisfying.  

Whole is diving in.  It is understanding and forgiving.  It realizing that our bank account is just as important to our health as what vegetables we are eating.  It is a balancing act.  It is building and strategizing so that our life works for us.